I offer a range of evidence based interventions to help with your emotional problems. Therapy designed to help you take back control, enhance your confidence, self esteem, lift your mood and regain your life.

Therapy tailored to suit You


Cognitive Therapy


Group Therapy

Digital Therapy

Behavioural Activation

Seminars & Workshops

Compassion Focused Therapy



Christian CBT


Methods of Therapy

The varied Methods of Communication

This means that you now have access to whatever method of communication that most suits you.


  • Face 2 Face Interventions
  • Telephone
  • Group Therapy
  • Digital / Online Therapy

Initial informal assessment


This is a free optional service (via phone or email) that can be used regardless of what method of communication you choose.  It is in this phone call (held for approximately 30mins) or email correspondence that we will discuss any concerns you may have about starting therapy and any questions you may have about the process.  From this discussion, you can discern if therapy is right for you.

Taking part in the initial assessment doesn’t mean you have made a commitment. It is rather to get a feel of the friendly and open atmosphere on offer.  All information obtained during this communication is strictly confidential. After this initial stage, should you wish to continue, you would then be required to complete a confidentiality and an assessment for which is mandatory.

The assessment form enables me to make your experience tailored for your particular needs. Completing the form is an easy process. The form will be provided when you contact us at:

Please contact  via e-mail or telephone to discuss  therapy fees.​

Digital / Online Therapy

This is offered online making it more easily accessible wherever you are in the world, which means that you can access therapy in the comfort of your home and at your convenience. Online therapy also breaks the inhibition of accessing a physical location and it is suitable for those that may be quite busy and always on the go, or with family commitments.

First meeting

The information you share or provide during therapy would be treated as strictly confidential.

The first meeting is an assessment session. In this meeting I will discuss your presenting problem and any further worries or fears you might have about progressing with therapy. I will also discuss your goals and what you want to achieve by the end of your therapy.

Duration of a therapy session

Each therapy session is 50 minutes.

Subsequent meetings

Subsequent sessions will be booked weekly. To get the best out of therapy it is important to keep all appointments. If you have to cancel an appointment please inform the service as soon as possible. Cancellations with more than 48 hours notice do not incur a cancellation fee. However, a charge will be incurred if an appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours. If an appointment is cancelled between 24 and 48 hours notice then 50% cancellation fee is payable.  An appointment cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full fee due to ongoing costs and as a late cancellation does not enable the session to be re-booked.

In these meetings, I will be using whichever method of psychotherapy is best for you and aim to build an empathic and therapeutic relationship.

During therapy,  you may receive homework or advise to work on which will be reviewed in the subsequent session. The best results are obtained when these exercises are carried out wholeheartedly as they are the groundwork of the road to self improvement and empowerment from the difficulties you may currently face.
The total number of sessions you will require is specific to your needs.
Ending therapy

Therapy usually starts with an aim or end point in mind.  A common end point is when you have achieved the ability to ultimately be your ‘own therapist’ and to be able to handle overwhelming situations independently and with confidence. Number of therapy sessions can range from 6 to 20 or longer depending on the severity of your presenting problem.

Post therapy

Post Therapy appointment after completing treatment is available should you need it as a booster after a lapse or just for additional help and support.

Group Therapy

Approaching the treatment of problems you might be experiencing as a group rather than an individual can be a fulfilling experience for everyone involved. Group therapy is a safe and compassionate platform on which various mental health issues such as: OCD, Social anxiety, Depression, Phobias can be dealt with in an open and liberating way.

It will give you the opportunity to relate and talk with people going through similar experiences and struggles as you. It means that you can be encouraged by the experiences of others in the group and the fact that you are not alone. Group therapy helps boosts the social ability of participants